Senior Section of Jabir Bin Hayan School & Science College plays a decisive role in the lives of our students. It enhances their understanding of selection of the subjects leading to their desired careers. In addition to our efficacious academic programs, we are able to provide students with a strong base for their future life.

Senior Section has a holistic approach to the grooming of students. It aims at developing their physical, mental, spiritual, social and moral values. It comprehensively focuses on the values such as honesty, integrity, brotherhood, tolerance, peace, respect for others and patriotism in our students. It also aims to provide opportunities to students to develop their linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social skills. These values strengthen their character to make them good citizens for their future life.

Improvement Plan:
Senior school improvement plan is developed annually to support students’ achievements and teachers’ professional development. Our teaching staff analyzes past yearly achievement data of students to set substantial improvement goals for the coming years.

Our Students:
Senior Section has two sections separately for boys and girls named as Sr.I and Sr.II respectively. We have above 800 students in Senior Section from grade VIII to grade XII. This is result oriented section as students from grade IX to grade XII have to appear in FBISE exam. Our FBISE results are improving every year. We can boast of a remarkable ratio of our ex-students studying in reputed universities of Pakistan as well as serving in many high offices of government and private sectors in Bahrain and abroad.