Primary Section at Jabir Bin Hayan School & Science College fulfils the educational needs of students during the first few years of their schooling life. The academic program at Jabir Bin Hayan School and Science College is student-centered and academically challenging.

Students are exposed to the latest educational practices. We are committed to the development of students in all aspects of their growth, intellectual, personal, social, physical and moral.

Our Students

Primary section is divided into two sub-divisions;

  • Kindergarten ( i.e.) LKG ( lower kindergarten) & HKG ( higher kindergarten)
  • Elementary : class 1 & class 2


Kindergarten Section

“Jabir Bin Hayan School and Science College provides students with a place to thrive”

Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. JBH adopts a holistic approach involving the teacher, school, child and parent where children are cared for in a safe and warm environment that encourages their cognitive, physical, linguistic, social and emotional development. Positive reinforcement, having fun and acquiring social competence ensures the well-adjusted, happy and successful learners to evolve from Early Childhood to Primary School.

Elementary Program

The primary /elementary program at Jabir Bin Hayan School and Science College is student-centered and academically challenging. Our curriculum allows children to become actively engaged in their learning and provides them with a strong foundation for their future studies. Differentiated teaching style is practised for elementary children at JBH. Students are exposed to multimedia and modern IT labs. Developmental continuums are used to monitor students’ progress in reading and writing and to ensure that instruction is differentiated for each child. The science program is hands-on and exploratory with an emphasis on experimentation and a growing understanding of the scientific method. Mathematics actively engages students in problem-solving and works toward developing a conceptual understanding of the basic Principles of Mathematics. Our Social Studies program assists each student in understanding historical and geographical influences that have shaped and continue to shape the human experience. In addition to providing a strong academic foundation for students, Jabir Bin Hayan School and Science College ensures that students are prepared for their future endeavors physically, and aesthetically. Our intention is to provide a holistic, well-rounded experience designed to maximize the potential of every child enrolled in our program. Cultural acceptance and service to others are consciously inculcated and are hallmarks of the Jabir Bin Hayan School and Science College program. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are also provided here.