Needy and Orphans


Jabir Bin Hayan School & College Orphanage is a private and social welfare organization dedicated to the care of the orphan. We provide our orphans with a homely and warm family-type environment. Every effort is made to enrich the children with strong Islamic moral values, good quality education and skills that will enable them to become productive, responsible citizens and most importantly upright Muslims.


To provide children, who are deprived of their natural parents, with an environment, which is as close as possible to a normal family/ home. At Jabir Bin Hayan School & College Orphanage the children find security, love and an opportunity to develop to their full potential, in sha Allah. To give these children a chance in life, a good education is essential and more so the correct understanding of Islam and its beautiful values. We hope to provide opportunities for higher education according to the child’s ability and aptitude, so the children are able to stand on their own two feet, to be a service to society and the Muslim ummah, in sha Allah.


Those in charge of Jabir Bin Hayan School & College Orphanage wish to provide for the orphan that they provide for their own children, giving the orphan the same level of care, love, opportunities and education, (both Islamic and non-Islamic).

The home in which the orphan resides is of high standard, comfort and hygienic. The staff is carefully selected to provide the above for the orphan and much time and effort has been dedicated to achieve this, Alhamdulillah.


In the care of Jabir Bin Hayan School & College Orphanage, the children have the following and more in sha Allah:

A new modern building with bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, clean and multiple clothing items, quality food, Islamic education upon the correct understanding of the pious predecessors, quality education, medical facilities, playground, 24 hour security and staff, transport, tuition, extra curricular activities, e.g. trips and excursions.