The Middle School is a dynamic center of excellence. We bridge the transition from the Primary Section to the Senior Section and believe in holistic approach, placing as much emphasis on developing creative and physical learning as on academic achievement.

As educationalist, we are aware of the changing learning landscape and adopt an enquiry based approach to learning so that children develop critical thinking and independent learning skills and are prepared for the challenges of the future.

Hallmark of P.U.S

We justly feel proud that Jabir Bin Hayan School & Science College is the custodian and promoter of Islamic Values. We have separate classes for boys and girls from grade III to grade VII. Special emphasis is laid on character building and Islamic Education.

Students & the Staff

Middle Section accommodates approximately 750 students in grades III-VII, with a committed cadre of about 60 staff members who believe that everyone has the potential to learn with the right support. All staff is committed to providing a stimulating environment which is organized, secure structured and purposeful. The teachers believe that they are the facilitators of learning, not just givers of knowledge.

We have multinational and develop a congenial atmosphere amongst them and feel privileged to be able to nurture and shape the children into well-rounded individuals who are able to work as a team as well as to demonstrate independent thinking.

Philosophy of Learning

Our students are the most outstanding asset whose innate desire and capacity to learn is reinforced with a positive, fair, and nurturing learning atmosphere that aims to provide education, striving for the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Therefore, a child learns in diversified areas such as –physical, social, emotional, moral, aesthetic and cognitive. Children are empowered to acquire knowledge, skills and insight essential for individual growth and development.

School Houses

All the students of the Middle School are allocated to one of the four houses at the time of admission.

Inter-house competitions have been formulated to create an environment of learning and competition among students both in academics and extra-curricular activities. The focus is to bring the students to work in groups, develop the team spirit and sense of belonging while pursuing to excel at individual and team level.

The House Masters have been appointed who co-ordinate and supervise the smooth conduction of various activities and the staff associated with the respective houses are involved to encourage and motivate the students. The House with the leading score points are rewarded at the end of academic year.