Assessments in Playgroup to Class 2

The mode of assessment in Playgroup to Class 2 is informal and ongoing; there are no end of term examinations.
In Playgroup to class 2, teachers maintain students’ attainment data through observation of their learning and behaviour as they perform tasks and participate in different class activities and record them using the observation sheets. In addition teachers maintain students’ portfolios which incorporates students’ work across the curriculum.
Teachers also design portfolio worksheets after completing a specific unit/ topic to assess and record students’ learning and to plan essential follow up to cater to students’ learning needs.

In addition to that students’ attainment at the end of each term in Classes 1 and 2, end of term diagnostics assessment is conducted in English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science and General knowledge. These assessments are internally set and conducted in schools, one subject a day. Normal classes resume after the assessment has been carried out each day.

Class 3-9

Unified Mid-Year Examination is held at the end of the first term and Unified Annual Examination is held at the conclusion of the final term. In addition to the examination results, the term marks reflect a student’s all-round progress, including performance in coursework, assignments, projects and tests.

Class 10-11 (O Levels)

Examinations are modelled on the IGCSE pattern, giving due consideration to the academic attainment of targets of the classes concerned. Trial examinations are held in preparation for the final examination after course coverage.

Unified Examination

The unified examinations ensure uniformity in syllabus coverage as well as the marking process. Each campus has developed its own examination cell to ensure the integrity of the examination process.