English Language Preparation

One of the cornerstones of The Jabir Bin Hayan School & Science College is the professional development of its teachers, helping them to become pioneers and leaders in the field of education. As the main medium of instruction in all our schools is English, an appropriate level of proficiency is absolutely essential to maintain sufficiently high standards of teaching. To address this particular need, we have recently established our own in-house Language Proficiency Centre (LPC). The main objective of the LPC is to provide needs-based language support and development to teachers to improve their use of English.

To be enrolled on the Language Proficiency Programme, each teacher is required to take a diagnostic assessment which will be the British Council Aptis test.

To find out more about the APTIS test and to access appropriate practice material which will help you prepare for the assessment, please use the following links.



  • How to prepare for APTIS

  • Listening

  • Speaking, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary, Writing

  • More Grammar practice

  • Practice and Guide for Writing Essays

  • Here are tips to improve your spoken English